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Micro stag beetles

Mine de crayon : 5 mm de haut Beetles were often used in the art of jewelry, during the art nouveau era, but also among the ancient   Mayans who wore them as living brooches, just like the Mexicans. More recently, the Swiss jeweler  Albert Gilbert between 1970 and 1990 also treated the subject masterfully in jewelry using a multitude of materials. Adoring this style of jewelry on the border of contemporary while keeping a certain classic style, I too wanted to contribute my modest stone to the building with the creation of a necklace made up of 2 stag beetles. The stag beetles (2X1 mm) Each of them represents around thirty hours of work. I work on classic sequins which measure 0.4 mm which I cut again under my microscope to reduce them further by 4 or 5 times, then I resin them so that they look like stones or pearls. The assembly of this necklace takes a very long time! It took me a hundred hours to get through it..... Microsculpture Stag beetle necklace   Enlargement of the stag beet

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