Débuts d'une nouvelle collection...


I've had this in the back of my mind for a long time...micro-sculpted jewelry.

I have always been fascinated by jewelry adorned with jewelry, watches, and also by the world of insects, which for me contains wonders in its pure state. So, like many jewelers of the art deco era, I tried my hand at making jewelry mixing the two worlds.

Loving the work of René Lalique, I started by making a copy of a horn comb on which 6 bees are perched collecting nectar from a flower.

The task was most arduous! It took me no less than 150 hours to complete it. I often thought I was going to give up because I had not anticipated the multiple problems associated with handling this resin. And insect sculpture is almost new to me!

 This Microsculpture was made from a resin ball, glue, brush hairs, watercolor paint

THE ORIGINAL comb by Réné Lalique

Microsculpture Profile view
Each bee measure 1 mm long