Two panthers evolving in the afternoon, a well deserved siesta certainly. After running at night after its prey, it delights in spending its day in its tree. In this scene, it sees a charming panther walking by quietly. Maybe they will be reunited soon, because it's the mating season.

The panther is a carnivorous animal with excellent physical performance: it can climb to a height of 6m with between its teeth a carcass of 150 kg. He also runs very fast by the way, with sprints at 58 km/H. So beware, walkers !!

The evolution of the sculpture work of one of the panthers.

Panthers live solitary except during the mating period. Mating will be initiated by the female. They will only stay together for 6 days... True hardened bachelors!

The 2 panthers measure 3mm from head to tail