stegosaurus in the plain

 This dinosaur lived at the end of the jurassic ,  150 million years ago in the United States.
It had many dorsal plates which are credited with a possible means of attracting a mate or intimidate predators and also bodily regulation.
Its tail ending in long sharp spines was its main weapon of defense against tyranosaurs or raptors. He had to swing it like the famous ankylosaurus whose club measured up to 1 m in diameter. This tail must have been a formidable weapon! It ate ferns and low plants. 
It was 9 m long and weighed 4 tons. 

This scene is 1/3600 scale
Stegosaurus aerial view

 under construction
You can see the skeleton of this animal through, the plates were built from paper that I sanded down to get something very thin. They were glued as they were and re-sanded on site to obtain the final shape. There are approximately 14 plates on each of the dinosaurs.
At this stage, he awaits the next step: painting.

  Dimensions  : 2.5 x 1.5 mm   each

Two stegosaurus in full parade

Stegosaurus under a glass dome