Brachiosaurs under construction


Brachiosaurs in the construction phase just before the painting stage.

I like this step, the sculpture shines, it looks like a piece of blown glass, yet everything is carved and sanded.

Plastic fiber skeleton seen in transparency

The production is always a little tricky because the transparency does not always make it possible to determine the volumes properly, but my eye is starting to get used to it....

sculpted with a scalpel and sanded with n°2000 sandpaper

I started to paint. A few touches here and there at the start.

Camouflage skin, khaki, brown, mixtures of yellow, green... we'll have to bring it to life!

That's it, the long process of painting which consists of applying multiple layers in order to achieve an impression of reality. The eyes will also be represented!

Fully Painted Brachiosaurus!