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Australian shepherd dog 
Microsculpture made with strong glue, brush hair for the skeleton ,under a microscope, scapel, acupuncture needles,watercolor.
stuck on a toothpick. 2 X 2 mm (0.078 inch X 0.078 inch)

Australian shepherd dog 2mm

Tortoiseshell cat made with a microscope and a scapel. Made of brush hair for the skeleton, strong glue, watercolor.
Sculpture stuck on a toothpick, itself placed on a wooden base turned by a French craftsman, decorated with a glass dome.


  1. Hi, Superb work, talented, loving the detail and finish 👌 Thanks Willard Wigan

  2. Thank you very much Willard, if this name is not borrowed, then oh! thank you ho! my master!
    Good continuation


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